Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"The New Professionalism", Chapter 33,540

You gotta love the excuse.

Marye Minton, 70, and her 72-year-old husband were awoken early Thursday to officers banging on the door of their home…

Marye Minton said she is upset that the officers came inside and ordered her husband, who is in poor health, onto the ground.


Officers were trying to serve a warrant for a man wanted on drug charges. The address listed on the paperwork was 4042. The Minton’s home is 4048, with both house numbers clearly marked.

But Major Mark Robinett of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, who is in charge of warrant sweeps, said he was told that officers had a difficult time reading the addresses because of overcast skies

I suppose the standard-issue flashlight didn't work, either.

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Amy said...

Seriously? "Overcast skies"? When I was younger, my parents had a Sentinel (and then a Journal-Sentinel) paper route for supplemental income. That meant getting up before the sun and delivering in the dark.

Until we knew the route by heart, we took a flashlight with us to get the correct addresses. And some houses in our neighborhood didn't have clearly marked addresses. We figured it out.

Andrew K said...


It's called "reading".

TerryN said...

Cops can make lame-assed excuses. Doesn't work the other way around.