Monday, June 29, 2009

Honduras: NOT a "Coup"; What's Obama Doing?

The early reports were a bit under-informed.

In a nutshell, Zelaya wanted another term as president so he decided to hold a popular referendum on whether he should be eligible. Minor problem: The Honduran constitution can’t be amended by popular referendum so the country’s supreme court ordered the vote canceled. Zelaya tried to go ahead with it anyway. Literally every other arm of the Honduran government — judiciary, legislature, military — was against him, to the point where the troops who arrested him this morning were evidently acting on a court order.

Zelaya is a Chavez-ite; some Hondurans were concerned that Zelaya was following the Chavez/Argentine model, beginning with his move to make his Presidency long-lived.

Even more interesting is the Obama reaction, which seems to favor Zelaya. Why? Perhaps he did not want the US to be perceived as too close to the Honduran military.


Shoebox said...

Do you think we could get our military to enforce our Constitution? If so, Washington would be a VERY empty place!

Anonymous said...

I agree, this was not a coup at all. Sigh, I am convinced that the American Intelligence community ranks among the worst in the world. Obama is underinformed (as was Bush).

Anonymous said...

not a coup but at the same time not the best way to handle zamaya as well. It seems like the honduras government will be forced to reinstate him with the global sentiment being against their actions.
and on another note this article from time gives some insight to why obama may be reacting the way he is.

Dad29 said...

Maybe the Honduras will, maybe not.

The Time article ignores Chavez' treatment of the Catholic church (gee--I wonder why), making Chavez and his ilk seem more popular than they really are.

And "violent" during the takeover? No reports of deaths or injuries, yet.