Thursday, June 25, 2009

Think HRC Is...Unhappy? Part Two

Great minds...

Yesterday we mentioned that Obama hammered HRC about her 'mandatory joining' for Gummint Health. Obama won the election and (voila!!) 'mandatory joining' is now part of the ObamaPlan.

The Winning McCain finds another reason that O should be very, very grateful for his Secret Service protection, albeit secondary.

...dear old Joe Biden gets $1.3 billion in "stimulus" money for Acheson's Amtrak, and they don't need no stinkin' IG sniffing around.

But wait a minute, there's more. As Michelle Malkin points out, Biden's all about Amtrak. Suppose that Biden's fingerprints were discovered on some shenanigans at Amtrak, so that there was a real scandal? If dear old Joe had to resign . . .Vice President Hillary? OK, that's far-fetched.

But did anybody else notice that Hillary's now got Sidney Blumenthal working for her over at State Department?

The wolfpack is circling.

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