Friday, June 19, 2009

Ever Think of Crashing This Party?

Sometimes, it's fun to think about simply over-running the personal police-force of Doyle and the Dems and crashing these little tete-a-tetes.

There will be no formal action on the state budget until Tuesday, a delay that allows legislative leaders to meet privately to try to resolve major differences between the spending plans of the Assembly and Senate.

That would continue what has been a pattern of secrecy surrounding the $62.5 billion two-year budget.

"Politicians never seem to learn that operating in secrecy only convinces the public that they are hiding something and makes people that much more suspicious of all politicians," said Mike McCabe, head of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

McCabe makes the point very well.

Things are manageable at the office, what with most people trying to figure out how to get the hell OUT of this State. Maybe there's be time for a quick run to Madistan's Capitol-area taverns.

HT: Kevin

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