Saturday, June 20, 2009

Congressional 'Destroy Everybody' Act: Update

In a way, the CPSIA is an icon. It is THE story of how Congress can screw up a one-car funeral procession. Neither Twain nor Mencken nor Rogers could have dreamed this up; only Congress (and a feckless President) could have created this monster.

Overlawyered has been keeping track.

...the next all-out debacle on the CPSIA front is expected to result from the law’s tracking and labeling regulations, due to take effect August 14, and for which the CPSC has not yet issued guidance, although product makers ordinarily need to resolve crucial issues of manufacturing (as with etching of lot numbers) and packaging at least many months if not longer in advance of sale

..."When you think through the implications, it means closing our libraries to children”. And in a sign of possible things to come, ABC-affiliated stations in Seattle and Washington, D.C. have now run sensationalist “toxic books!” attacks on local libraries

(Maybe this is the solution in West Bend!!)

... The CPSC’s stay of enforcement didn’t really solve the problem of the ban on dirtbikes and mini-ATVs, and responsible users and dealers end up getting the short end of the stick

...Those who remain in the kids’-product business after coping with all the other parts of the law will also want to educate themselves about “recall escrows

Congress: Certified Damn Fools.

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