Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama Channeling Doyle: The Democrat "Mind"

Gabe watched the presser, and his first "this is a LIE" observation is relevant to Wisconsin.

When the President claims that cap and tax will be paid for only by polluters, implying that it will not have an impact on the economy, he fails Economics 101. Polluters, aka producers of goods and services, aren't going to magic up the money to pay for cap and trade out of nowhere. That money will be felt by consumers (and by every entity in the chain of commerce between the first cap-and-taxed company and the consumer). Prices will rise. The President's intimation that they won't is an outright lie.

Yah. And that's the same damn lie that Doyle told about the "Oil Company Tax"--which even his own (D) yutzes in the Assembly knew was simply impossible.

If Obama is so damn smart, how could he mimic the Doyle-O-Lie machine? Or is this mental deficiency something genetic in the (D) ranks above "Assemblyman"?

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