Friday, June 26, 2009

Is Doyle Bent on Killing Off Manufacturing in WI?

This thread gets interesting.

In recapping the Merc Marine situation, I cautioned about assigning all the blame to Doyle and his (D) pals in the Legislature. There are other considerations whenever a business closes and relocates.

But, as others have observed, there seems to be a cold shoulder in Madistan when manufacturing is on the table. He's unfriendly to most businesses, but GM, Thomas, Merc (??), Simplicity.....and there are others in the process (or who are less visible.)

Anyhoo, my interlocutor hit on something I had been discussing with another friend a couple of weeks ago:

the only jobs our Gov seems to recognize are those requiring PhDs.

As to you factory-laboring slobs, "meh" sez Jimbo.

That's short-sighted; there are some things which MUST be manufactured domestically because offshoring is simply not practical; either transportation is inadequate, or JIT considerations preclude it, or only US plants have the quality required.


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Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Between Doyle and The Chosen One,The Dalai Obama with their fellow travelers, you can expect manufacturing, oil and coal production, all things automotive and electricity production to come to a screeching, sliding halt.