Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jackboots vs. Dishwashing

The fact that the "new, improved" product actually DOES NOT WORK won't bother the jackboots in Madison.

Household dishwasher detergent that contains phosphorus would be banned Wisconsin, under a bill that is poised to pass the Assembly

Kevin has the rest of the story:

...The people of Spokane found that the phosphorus-free detergent wasn't cleaning their dishes as well as the 'nasty stuff,' so they'd head in the car and travel to neighboring Oregon which hadn't enacted a ban on phosphorus detergent and buy out stores in border towns.

The temptation is to capitalize on Wisconsin Government's endless quest to "fix" its citizenry's bad habits. A semi-load of bootlegged cigarettes is worth about $150K in profits these days; bringing in actual working detergent would simply add to the pot.

Tax-free, by the way...

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