Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Actual History: Jack Chick Was Hugo Black's Mentor

Gee. What a surprise. Everson opinion written by a bigot!

"What I learned in Mark [Levin's] book (pages 30-31) is that former Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black -- who wrote the fateful, culturally damaging, precedent-breaking 5-4 decision -- was described by his own son as an avid reader of the vilest anti-Catholic hate literature. This fact contradicts the usual excuses for Black's former membership in the Ku Klux Klan (youthful indiscretions, socially required, etc.). So this American Civil Liberties Union-cherished provision was not the product of 18th-century enlightenment, but 20th-century rural anti-Catholic Protestant bigotry. Fascinating and useful. " --Tony Blankley, reviewing Levin's Liberty and Tyranny

In the 1960's, before Roe v Wade (and after), knowledgeable attorneys were well-aware of Black's vicious and pervasive anti-Catholicism. Might have been interesting to hear Wm. Bentley Ball's private comments, eh?

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