Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Maybe It IS Your Data---but We Have It!

Good observation here from Vox, who notes that 2-year-cycle 'upgrades' will be required for some hot-selling doodads.

The point is that if you accept DRM devices, then you had better accept you are going to be completely at the mercy of the device manufacturer. That's why I refuse to buy either a Kindle or an iPhone; anything that requires passing your own data through the manufacturer's official distribution channel is of zero interest to me. Yes, I'm aware that there are always ways to get around it, but I prefer to give my business to manufacturers who aren't attempting to keep their customers, and their customer's data, in virtual lockdown.

DRM is nothing more than theft... from the consumer. It's the transformation of a purchase transaction into a rental one.

One of the Norton security options is to back up your data on their servers. Thanks, I'll use R/W CD's. The security implications of storing stuff 'out there' someplace are convincing.

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