Thursday, June 25, 2009

Christian Schneider Gets Half of It?

Christian Schneider does a good job showing us how Jim Doyle personally raises the cost of healthcare in Wisconsin.

...raising taxes on hospitals by hundreds of millions of dollars...mandating health plans cover autism services...requiring all Wisconsin health plans to carry coverage for cochlear implants and hearing aids for kids...[and t]he current version of the state budget includes a provision that provides increased mental health coverage by insurance plans

Other Wisconsin legislatures and executives have also added 'mandates' (birth control and abortion services come to mind) which also increase the cost of health insurance.

But Schneider is, I think, a bit naive.

The major driver behind a Gummint Health plan is the "increasing cost of health insurance." Today's JS contains an article which has some frightening numbers--like 30%--and those numbers are killing small businesses.

Think of it this way, Chris: if Doyle can drive the cost of health insurance even higher, the argument from "cost" is far more effective.

Doyle's not only playing Hero with our money. He's doing his best to facilitate ObamaCare.

You can purchase Cynic Pills by living another 20 years with politicians, Chris...

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