Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Doyle Incompetency: Monumental


Doyle sure picks a bunch of wieners winners for HIS administration.

...people wanting to sign up for Food Share – that’s what food stamps are called in Wisconsin – need to call (888) 947-6583. The number’s toll-free.

Simple, eh? Wrong answer!!

...the state Department of Health Services, the people doing the takeover, didn’t tell the media. You’d think they’d do that if they want the message out that, as of July 1, the old number stops being answered.

And it gets even better, but not for the 178,000 people who will soon depend on the Doyle Incompetency for food. Read the article linked below...

HT: McIlheran


capper said...

You may feel foolish having posted this after I get done shredding Paddy's mistruths, i.e. lies.

Billiam said...

What??!! You're doing something besides Walker?!?!?! The sky is falling, the sky is falling!! ;-)

Phelony Jones said...

How did the Lorax put it?

and biggering.

Until there was nothing left.

capper said...

Bill, always did, just not on Cog Dis. Oh, and pthththh! :P

Oh, and that Paddy post will probably have to wait until tonight.