Friday, October 31, 2008

The Magic Republican Formula

Too good to pass up.

Whenever Republicans lose an election, there are pundits at the ready, prepared to explain that the GOP must downplay issues like abortion in order to concentrate on those sexy populist themes like cutting the capital-gains tax. The script is written before the campaign begins. If Republicans win, it is because of the appeal of capital-gains cuts and despite their opposition to abortion. If they lose, it is because of their opposition to abortion and despite the appeal of capital-gains cuts. The facts don't matter; the analysis comes before the data

Got that?

It's all Palin's fault.

As you might guess, the commentary was written in response to an "Expert" on the staff of the Wall Street Journal.


Anonymous said...

Good grief. Palin has re-energized this party like no one has since Reagan - in their dreams, I say...

Paul - Berry Laker said...

I too am seeing some local blogs already start making excuses.

I think it is time. To steal a phrase from Ronald Reagan. I am not leaving the republican party. the republican party left me.

Most not all republicans are no different then the dems. The name republican stands for nothing good in this world.

The RINO's did it to the party. It's time to start another conservative party. A party that stands for what we believe in. It may take years, but we need to start over. No matter the outcome Tuesday, we need to stand for our beliefs. It starts with Palin.

Berry Laker

Anonymous said...

Glad that McCain picked Palin. She energized the "nut" wing of the party (which had no effective place to go anyway) and helped the middle-of-the-roaders move to Obama. The thought that she could be the lead Republican candidate in 2012 is tantalizing.