Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain/Feingold, Jim Doyle, Lawyers, and Fraud

Yah, ol' John McCain sure fixed it up good, hey.

Just like his co-conspirator Russ Feingold.

...the Obama campaign has chosen to reject, and the McCain campaign has chosen to adopt, the Address Verification System, or AVS. It is a simple tool that prevents credit card fraud.

As Steyn observed, "the AVS security checks most merchant processors use to screen out fraudulent transactions (and, incidentally, overseas customers) were intentionally disabled by the Obama campaign -- and thus their web donation page enables fraudulent (and/or foreign) donations."

Campaign contributions under false names are illegal, as are contributions by noncitizens. Federal campaign law also limits the amount any one citizen can contribute to the presidential campaign to $2,300. The acceptance of campaign contributions via credit card without AVS protection facilitates illegal contributions. This is what the Obama campaign has chosen to do, and what the McCain campaign has chosen to avoid

Which is, mutatis mutandis, exactly what Machiavelli-Jim Doyle and his Democrat co-conspirators have done to the elections here in Wisconsin.

No ID, no worries.

Doyle, Barrett, and Obama sing from the Bart Simpson songbook, "I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, you can't prove anything."

I need not remind you that Obama, Doyle, Feingold, and Barrett are lawyers.

F&^% them.

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