Friday, October 24, 2008

Campaign Finance, Reformed: Democrat ScumFrauds

Below we mentioned the "reform" of campaign finance, whereby Obamamamama's campaign disabled all verification software and accepts donations from ....

Who knows?

Well, that game is apparently a Democrat trademark.

Then I thought, just for the hell of it, I'd try the same thing with our Texas Senate race matching Cornyn (R) and Noriega (D).

Cornyn's site wouldn't let me because the address and zip code didn't match. Guess what? With the same info, donating five to surrender-monger Rick Noriega was peachy

Not to be outdone, Slander Murtha, fat jackass, does the same:

I just donated $5 to John Murtha. Actually, Mr. Fuck You, of 1 Scumbag Backstabber Lane, Haditha PA donated $5 to Murtha. Went right through, gave me my confirmation number and everything.

Nothing like a little reform, eh?

HT: Ace (both stories)

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