Friday, October 24, 2008

Naturally, Doyle and Dave Clarke Like Statism

This comes as no surprise.

Dog eats own vomit; Doyle endorses Statism. Clarke joins.

The real headline should be "Legislature Evades Responsibility."

Gov. Jim Doyle called Thursday for tougher laws to fight drunken driving — including legalizing roadside sobriety checkpoints in Wisconsin.

Milwaukee County Sheriff Dave Clarke also likes checkpoints--but Clarke is not a Machiavellian; he's just plain erratic--but he kinda likes wearing a Big Guy Uniform in a Statist sorta way.

Milwaukee County sheriff’s deputies have been hampered by the checkpoint ban, said Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. Politicians should “stop dancing around the issue” and rescind the ban, he said.

“Are they going to side with special interests, or are they going to side with the people on this one?” he asked

WHAT "people," Dave?

Responsible people have been calling for increased jail-time for DUI's for years--and the Legislature has ignored those calls repeatedly. Talk about "repeat" problems...

Nothing wrong with 5 years for 2nd offense, and 10 years for 3rd. If someone gets past that, then LIFE for the 4th.

Staskunas plays tough:

Staskunas said he also may push for another controversial change: requiring mandatory prison time for those convicted of five or more drunken driving offenses

Ooooh. That's really scary, Tony. Five-time loser--THEN prison? Wow. That's the sort of BS that got us to where we are now, Tony. Go find a pair, Tony, then open your mouth.

Instead, we'll have roundups. What's the probable cause? "You're driving, asshole! Outta the car!"

Yo mama can't dance, and you can't drive.

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