Thursday, October 23, 2008

Brookfield/Elm Grove Obamunists

You'll notice that a striking number of residences in Elm Grove have Obama signs in the yard.

Same-o with a number of Brookfield residences--especially in a new high-end southwestern subdivision near Brookfield Road at Greenfield Ave.

What do THEY know that we don't?


The Asian Badger said...

I noticed that, too. I've also noticed an increase in McCain/Palin signs as well.

What do the NOBama signs mean? Those homeowners probably need a refund check to furnish their homes. Lotta see-throughs in those new homes.

Anonymous said...

Ive been doing an informal count every Friday for the last month. I take the back roads from Germantown to Pewaukee every Friday and count the signs. As of last friday the count was McCain 38 - Obama 7.

Really odd fact is the area of Pewaukee around the Public schools. Last election there were Kerry signs everywhere, now McCain outnumbers Obama at least 3 to 1.

Headless Blogger said...

I don't think the sign count means too much.

I believe that Obama is charging for his signs. His supporters are not the type to pay for something that they expect to get for free.

HeatherRadish said...

Are they government employees?

Anonymous said...

Republicans/McCain supporters steal Obama signs, that's why. I've had several Obama supporters tell me this after I asked what happened to their yard signs. McCain supporters also slash tires at Obama rallies, put death threats in the mailboxes of Obama supporters, and make death threats directly to Obama himself. Don't play stupid, you know what's going on. Or you're in deep denial.

Anonymous said...

That's at least in part why there aren't more Obama signs.

Other Side said...

Well, no one has stolen anyone's signs in our Brookfield neighborhood. The Obama signs were running slightly behind McCain until earlier this week. A young man apparently went to the local McCain headquarters, picked up a wagonload of signs and then delivered them door-to-door.

Still, Obama is doing pretty well in this very conservative area.

Other Side said...

btw: If insinuating that Obabma voters are communists (Obamunists), I assume it's fair game with the McNazis. Or, is one form of totalitarianism less acceptable than the other?

Dad29 said...

this very conservative area.

Your assessment of the area is inaccurate.

Brookfield has not been "conservative" for about 15 years. Need proof? Check the numbers on the Waukesha County Clerk's elections page.

MY particular part of B'fld is almost 40% (D).

MY FORM of totalitarianism is better than all other forms.