Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"A Collective Salvation"?

Interesting video here.

This is the vid in which Obama compares Bosnia to the USA. I don't recall any recent episodes of ethnic cleansing here in the US, nor Hutu/Tutsi mutual bloodbaths, (except, of course, Planned Parenthood's campaign,) but that wasn't the part that interested me.

Earlier on, Obama gets into his reparations-race-fixation--castigating the suburbanites who 'don't want to pay for city children to go to school...' Well, there are some who feel that way. It's a leap, though, to imply that ALL suburbanites have that attitude, and in Wisconsin, it's irrelevant. The entire State contributes to MPS.

Most striking is his comment that 'my individual salvation....[requires]....collective salvation for the country...[requiring] sacrifices for the new day and the new age.' (Right around 1:00 in the vid.)

That language is odd, wouldn't you say? He's invoking religion here--but what religion? Is this what Rev. Wright teaches? Or does this "collective salvation" notion come from some other place?

It's language for a crusade--but in whose name?

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