Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Obama Health Plan and 401(k)s

By the way...

Reports have it that the Obama health plan does not 'force' national health-care onto the country. Instead, his plan will set 'minimum standards' for coverage similar to coverage provided to Federal workers.


Does that "minimum standards" thing ring a bell?

Let us quote the invaluable McIlheran:

...all workers whose employers don't offer a sufficiently generous pension would be required to divert 5% of their pay into an account ...

Kinda looks like the same-o, same-o, right?

The pattern:

Government sets a standard which must be met; that standard can only be met by a minority of businesses (and Government-as-employer); people employed by other businesses, or self-employed with minimal benefits, will pay, dearly, for their jobs.

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