Thursday, October 23, 2008

Surprise! Madistan "Judge" Ignores Law

From the JSOnline site:

A Dane County judge dismissed Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen's lawsuit against the state's elections board, saying Van Hollen had not shown that any state or federal laws had been violated.

It would be silly to bother posting the briefs filed by Van Hollen.

The judge didn't read them--why would you?

Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi ruled this morning that Van Hollen had not shown any laws had been violated.

She said mismatched data in government databases are not enough to affect one's ability to vote. The board has said the mismatches are often attributable to typographical mistakes or other harmless errors."

On Nov. 4, each qualified voter in Wisconsin will go to the polls," Sumi noted. "It doesn't matter if the (Department of Transportation) has misspelled his name or if his middle initial is missing on voter rolls

But, of course, HAVA specifically requires that these errors are rectified.

Sumi went further and also ruled that Van Hollen didn't have the power to bring the lawsuit even if he'd identified violations of the law

That's an interesting assertion, given that HAVA was specifically incorporated into Wisconsin Statutes, thereby empowering the State AG to make such a filing.

What we have here is no surprise whatsoever--a Lefty judge living within a stone's throw of the most Lefty Machiavellian governor Wisconsin ever had.

She likes her career--what's the law in comparison to that?


Other Side said...

So the timing of this, the obvious partisanship by Van Hollen and the fact that it would disrupt the election don't matter to you.

No fraudulent votes will be cast because a period is missing, or a middle initial is missing. You're fantasizing if you think so.

Any errors will be fixed and at the appropriate time, when the review will not affect the running of the election.

btw: She was appointed by Tommy T.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Just because this fraud was a TT nominee doesn't make her a conservative. It's clear by her "ruling" that she's quite the opposite.

OS, I'm fascinated by your naivety. To think you've lasted this long...

Dad29 said...

TT also appointed the Stadium Board to rob SE Wisconsin residents blind. Don't look here for TT accolades--he's a Statist.

And your insistence that this is all "political" tells me that you have a very small mind, indeed.

Other Side said...

You're kidding, right?

Look, I apologize for the crack over at my place. It was uncalled for. Election fervor will do that. I do like talking with you.

But seriously, do you really believe there is no whiff of partisanship in Van Hollen's moves? I can recommend some strong antihistamines.

As for Neo-Con: There will never be a day when I worry about the opinion of a 28-year old punk, especially one who thinks the 80s produced good music.

btw: It's spelled naivete. Another reason not to take you seriously.

Dad29 said...

Seriously, OS, when ANY legal action becomes "campaign stunts" then someone should re-examine their thought pattern.

Van Hollen's case is solid. Wisconsin has NOT complied with HAVA (even GAB admits that, indirectly.) Suing to enforce compliance is not strictly "political" except to those whose vision is through an exceptionally narrow tunnel.

And he could NOT take the action until GAB refused to enforce HAVA--so it was their delaying which forced VanH's hand as to timing.

I would have preferred that it happened in April, too.

Dad29 said...

I don't think NeoCon is a punk.

But his taste in music sucks.

Other Side said...

We agree. Shoot off the fireworks.

btw: I had a comment disappear. I must have pressed the wrong key.