Friday, October 24, 2008

Second Capper's Emotion--Partially

Hey--the stopped clock thing strikes again!

Cindy is a Milwaukee county employee that works in the Economic Support Division. She is a Quality Assurance Tech, which is a fancy way of saying she is one of the people that investigate and recoup overpayments or incorrect payments

...Cindy is damn good at her job. In 2006, in just nine months, she caught $1.6 million dollars in overpayments. In 2007, that number jumped to an amazing $2,126,623.95 that she recovered.So far this year, as of October 15th, she has reclaimed more than $1.4 million. In less than three years, she has saved taxpayers over $5 million dollars

Capper's complaint?

What is disturbing is that even though Cindy is the best in the nation in her line of work, and has won a state award for her production, Milwaukee County refuses to even acknowledge her accomplishments with so much as a commendation

...or maybe at least a nice pretty letter, hey.

Memo to Scott Walker: GET ON THIS RIGHT NOW!!

But Capper hasn't actually become sane or anything. Here's his last graf:

For my conservative friends that are most probably having a knee jerk reaction, and want to point out that these large numbers of overpayments are an example of why benefits should be stopped, I would like to kindly, but firmly, point out that the Bush administration has allowed companies like Halliburton and Blackwater, to name just a couple, get away with a helluva lot more in overpayments. And there was never any attempts to get recoupement on those billions of dollars

Sure 'nuff. Capper's still running against Bush. Maybe Scott Walker should send out new calendars to County employees, too.


Anonymous said...

Refusd to acknowledge her for simply doing her job? That is so elementary school.

capper said...

I usually expect obtuseness from Dan, but Dad, your willful ignorance is unexcusable.

Walker has a pattern of trying to sabotage the County. That way it makes it easier to privatize it, at greater expense to the taxpayers.

The privatization, under Walker's stratagem, is usually no bid contracts to people that have donated to his campaigns. In 2006, he got bounced from the primary early due to money problemss. (I know he said God spoke to him, which only strengthens my hypothesis about Republicans worshiping the Almighty Dollar.)
He realizes he will need much more money if he were to have a chance in 2010 (which he won't, BTW), and so is starting his warchest now.

Trying to keep Ms. Jaeger's story quiet is just the symptom of the disease.

BTW, I am not running for anything against anyone. But if you would rather something more current, how about a road to a bridge to nowhere? Not that it should be necessary, since the bilking is ongoing in Iraq.