Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vote Fraud? How About the MONEY, Honey?

Another "error" in the Obama fund-raising scandal.

There have been a smattering of incidents reported in which people have seen credit card charges surface suggesting they donated to Barack Obama when they did not.

Now comes the story of Mary T. Biskup, of Manchester, Missouri. Biskup got a call recently from the Obama campaign, which was trying to figure out why she donated $174,800 to the campaign -- well over the contribution limit of $2,300.

...No charges ever showed up on her credit card statement.
"We're not out a penny," Biskup said

So the O-and-Savior folks took action:

"We refunded all of the contributions and contacted authorities when we determined Ms. Biskup had not made them


But exactly who got the refunds?

HT: Clay Cramer

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