Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catholic Memorial HS Principal: OBAMA Supporter

Belling has a hot one.

Seems the Principal of Catholic Memorial HS in Waukesha, WI., has a large "Obama" sign in his front yard--which is across the street from the school.


Here's a guy, Dr. Mark Schmitt, who makes his living on NON-ABORTED children, working for a Church whose Bishops have made clear that only a "grave reason" should allow support for the most viciously pro-abortion Presidential candidate in US history.

Further, Belling reports that 'several members of the CMH Board' have asked the principal to take down his sign--and he has refused.

The President of the school, Fr. Paul Hartmann (who is unable to articulate the USCC position on the matter, by the way) acknowledges that Board members are "upset," like many teachers and students.

But Hartmann cannot convince the Principal to take down his sign, either.

I'm sure that the Principal, Mr. Schmidt, has a morals clause in his contract, Father.

Exercise it, Father. Grow a pair.


Unknown said...

There is another "Catholic" school I can cross off my list for my kids. Fr Corapi has a great video that the president of CM should see. We need to pray for these people.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Not surprised. Nothing will happen either.

As shock says, one less school that my kids will attend.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

So when will the parents at CMH take their school back and ask for the Principal to resign or relieve him of his position.

Why does the school, the parents and the students put up with this?

Next thing you know planned parenthood will move next to the school? Sorry, I know that is harsh but what is the difference?

Might as well then hire Father Michael Pfleger to teach at the school!

I live outside Gillett. Can you tell everyone at CMH to take back their school. Sometimes you just have to do what is right and not what is politically correct.

Paul - Berry Laker

Anonymous said...

I think it is quite admirable that the CMH Principal has made visible support of the candidate (Obama), who is a much stronger Christian and man of ethics than his Republican opponent. It is quite pathetic how so many catholics are allowing themselves to be brain-washed into voting Republican on the basis of a single issue, which the GOP does not really care about and only uses at election time to coerce Christian votes.
Proud parent of CMH Students

Dad29 said...

Obama is a lying sack of crap. If you're not smart enough to discern that, you shouldn't be a parent.

By the way, I don't believe your "CMH parent" line.

Amy said...

"More of a Christian" - funny, because it was early Christians who saved infants abandoned to die, and it was Christanity that's always been pro-life.

The same can't be said for FOCA-favoring Obama.

Anonymous said...

Obama has fought to keep outright infanticide legal and anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed or a liar.

See these links:

Proud Parent -- proud of what? That you actively support a candidate who supports the killing of innocents?

As a Catholic Memorial grad, the fact that we are even having this discussion, about MY school, deeply saddens me.

The Badgerland Conservative said...

Barack Hussein Obama is no Christian. That's for sure. I'll bet my house on that. I've read The Messiah on various Scriptural mattera. He isn't sure about the concept of heaven but says you can earn your way there by good works. That's not in any Bible I've ever read.

His church is a cult of black liberation theology with more doctrine that once again isn't in any Bible I've ever read.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Proud "parent of CMH Students", I think it is rather childish to get so hung up on one belief to through your vote away over it. We have so many issues we need to deal with in this country to base our vote on this one thing. Although Obama's belief may not be Pro-Life, I haven't heard talk from either candidate about taking a political stance on the abortion issue anyway. It saddens me to think that anyone would see McCain as an example of a Christian.

Amy said...

Although Obama's belief may not be Pro-Life, I haven't heard talk from either candidate about taking a political stance on the abortion issue anyway.

If that's the case, I'm glad to see you've come out from the cave you were living in. Welcome to 2008.

Obama's promised not only to sign FOCA, but to use abortion as a litmus test for SCOTUS nominees.

That's making it political, if one's paying attention.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I with you dad, the priest needs to grow a pair and either tell him to take the sign down, or fire the guy.

Unknown said...

I ATTEND CATHOLIC MEMORIAL, and I feel as though the sign isn't the true meaning behind these conflicts. The students and parents of CMH are very dissapointed in Mark Schmitt's performance, and is not suitable for the job.

Anonymous said...

The sign is just one issue--how about the staff IN the school that state "vote for Obama" and the student that comes home from CMH being pro-life. I don't think that politics IN the school is appropriate either!

Anonymous said...

Hey dad29 - on what basis are you calling Obama a "lying sack of crap? It seems to me that most of McCain's former friends and advisors have left him, saying that he is "no Maverick" now. Perhaps the big money was too lucrative to resist. Would you trust his clueless sidekick, Palin with control of this country? I'm hoping its not too late to leave the world intact for our kids' generation, despite Bush and his thugs' best efforts to flush it straight down the toilet.
Proud CMH Parent AND Army Veteran

Unknown said...

"Hey dad29 - on what basis are you calling Obama a "lying sack of crap?"

If you have to ask you have already been eating some of it.

-Marine Corps Veteran!

Dad29 said...

on what basis are you calling Obama a "lying sack of crap?"

The tax lies. The Ayers lies. The Reszko lies. Has he produced a transcript from Columbia? Occidental? Harvard Law? Nope. What's he hiding?

The campaign-donation lies. The lies about Palestinian pals.

And Anony 10:14: you were deleted because you either support your inane remarks, or don't post here.

Anonymous said...

I attend Notre Dame Academy in Green Bay, where Dr. Mark Schmitt was formerly the principal. I, unfortunately, was in his U.S. Government and History class two years ago, and he constantly advocated his liberal views and derided our nation’s conservative leaders; as a strong conservative, I felt wholly uncomfortable in the class and was offended by many of his comments. Dr. Schmitt is an unsuitable administrator in any Catholic school.