Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Whose Platform Is This One?

P-Mac did the research, and it's telling.

...suppose there were a candidate who promised things you think good. He felt the government should alleviate poverty among the old, providing an adequate income when necessary. He wants the government to act to maintain a sound middle class, if necessary providing opportunities for work for those left unemployed. He believes large corporations should share their prosperity with their workers via profit-sharing plans. He supports universal access to higher education. The government should provide universal health care, especially for children, and it ought to provide them better opportunities for exercise, since they’re woefully unfit these days. It is time, he says, for the nation to unite, leave no citizen behind, to work as one and grant every member equal rights and duties.

I'll leave out the "tell-line" from McIlheran's piece--but I'll connect it to another sterling local blogger (who has overcome his legal training), who mentioned that the candidate with that platform was NOT a social conservative.

Just as a matter of contrast to the Governor of Alaska...

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