Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm a Member of the "Resistance"!!

Evidently, Obama has already determined that there is a "resistance" movement.

One of the "issues" [Harry] Smith [CBS] asked about near the end of the interview was: "Whoever gets elected president, somehow, has to put their arm around the whole country and say, 'we're in this together.' Can do you that?" That gave Obama the opportunity to call for unity and attack conservatives at the same time: "I can. And I think that's the tone that we've set from the beginning of this campaign. I mean, look. Is Sean Hannity suddenly going to get on the air waves and say 'You know, I was wrong about this Obama guy, he's my man.' No, that's not going to happen. I mean's there's going to be a certain wing of the Republican Party that is, you know, dug in and resistant to the notion that we need to change direction."

Umnnnnhhhhh....I make it a point to avoid listening to Hannity for a variety of reasons...and I'm not a registered Republican (I'm a conservative...)

Having said that, I will be a Member of the Resistance should Obama be elected.

And we know what Obama's crowd thinks about "the Resistance:"

It's in this video. Hint: 25 million will be dead.

Let's not forget Obama pal Mike Klonsky, either.

HT: TrenchLady


Amy said...

I completely agree.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I am also in the resistance.

jimspice said...

Noting that some will resist change is a far cry from proclaiming a resistance movement.

Your proclamation is terribly un-American. Are we not supposed to support the office no matter who holds it? I find little common ground with the office holder for the last 8 years, yet if I were to meet the man, I would respectfully shake hands and say "It's an honor, sir."

Who's the Patriot?


M.E. said...

Trenchlady?!? That really did make me laugh, Dad29!

And spice -- we're not the un-American ones. Those would be the ones who stand on the American flag (Ayers), are unrepentant domestic terrorists (Ayers again), those who hate America or think she's "downright mean" (Wright, Ayers, Michele Obama, most of the radical left). And then there's Obama, who associates with all those people and more. (Odinga in Kenya, Klonsky, etc.)

If Obama is elected, yes, he'll be our President -- but I'll resist his efforts to turn this great country into a socialist nation, I'll resist his efforts to push abortion and force taxpayers to pay for it, I'll resist his efforts to weaken our freedoms of speech, assembly, and the right to bear arms, I'll resist his efforts to weaken us militarily and economically.

That is the patriotic thing to do. And besides, didn't we just have eight years of the left telling us that dissent was patriotic?

Dad29 said...

Un-American, eh?

As opposed to what? A Marxist-influenced New Party member demi-socialist race-baiter?

I'll respectfully greet him and then ask him "WTF you doing to my 401(k), Mr President? You keepa you hands offa, or you suffa da consequences!"

All very respectful, of course.

capper said...

McCain supported death squads in Central America. Palin is married to a secessionist. And McCain's plan is plutocracy.

I don't want to be an indebtured slave, thank you.

Al said...


Remember it was the resistance that opposed Hitler. So, I guess Obama is finally admitting he is the new Hitler.

Anyhow, there is a need for change in direction in this country, a change from a "culture of death" to the "culture of life". & if we have to go underground, so be it. We will win in the end.

M.E. said...

Al, that's exactly right: We have failed to raise up a culture of life in this country; we've let the radical left take over the universities, the media, and many of the courts, and the "Culture of Death" - abortion, euthanasia, cloning, etc. - has gotten such a strong foothold that it's hard to imagine it ever going away. But with God all things are possible!