Wednesday, October 22, 2008

US Bishops: Ignore 'Fake Catholic' Aborto-Proponents

This is shaping up to be very significant.

—"Our faith requires us to oppose abortion on demand and to provide help to mothers facing challenging pregnancies," Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia and Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Centre, N.Y., said in an October 21 statement. The bishops urged Catholics to study the teaching of the Church, rather than rely on statements and materials from outside groups and individuals

What does that actually mean? Happy to make it clear for you:

The argument that "the Church should accept the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision on abortion as a 'permanent fixture of constitutional law' and should concede that the only way to reduce abortions is to provide more government support for pregnant women is wrong.

Equally wrong:

"The Church's efforts against abortion should focus solely on restoring recognition for unborn children's human rights and that proposals to provide social and economic support for pregnant women distract from that effort."

That first one, advocating acceptance of Roe as "settled", is used by such twits as Kmiec, Cafardi, and Cahill, who have lots of Elite, Sophisticated, Knowledge and Friends In High Places, not yo mention Prestigious Law-School Faculty Appointments.

We, along with the Bishops, are not impressed.

American Papist also enlightens us about Bp. Martino and clears up a mystery.

An election forum at a Pennsylvania parish that took place last Sunday was organized to allow Catholics the opportunity to defend their support for McCain and Obama. However, the forum took a surprising turn when an unexpected guest showed up to guide his flock, the Bishop of Scranton, Joseph F. Martino.

... After Sr. Gannon spoke, the bishop took the floor. Bill Genello, a spokesman for the Diocese of Scranton told the Wayne Independent that when Bishop Martino arrived, his intention was to listen “to the presenters and how they might discuss Catholic teaching.”

However, he continued, “Certain groups and individuals have used their own erroneous interpretations of Church documents, particularly the U.S. Bishops’ statement on Faithful Citizenship, to justify their political positions and to contradict the Church’s actual teaching on the centrality of abortion, euthanasia and embryonic stem cell research.”

When the bishop heard the speakers using the bishops’ statement to justify their choice for president, he reminded the audience that those “groups and individuals who make statements about Catholic teaching do not speak with the same authority or authenticity as their bishop.”

The USCC is, after all, just a bunch of bureaucrats in a very expensive building. The USCC actually does NOT have authority to teach, rule, or sanctify--only individual Bishops have that.

What "mystery" here?

We noted that a bunch of Lefty Agitators have screeched loudly about Bp. Martino--seems that he, operating within Canon Law, de-certified a "teachers' union" which had taken over the Diocesan schools.

They screeched so loudly that even a LeftyWacko in Milwaukee heard it.

There are a lot of Catholics who don't know what it's like to have a Bishop act like a man. Some are finding out, to their dismay.

Too bad.


Anonymous said...

Clarification: The USCC does not have authority because it does not exist. Need to update yourself, dad. Also not accurate to claim that in the Catholic Church "only individual Bishops" have authority to teach.

Dad29 said...

Oooohhhh!! You know that it's now "USCCB!" That makes you really smart!

The USCC (with B for boyzz) does NOT have authority to teach. Is that better?

I also agree that Bishop(s) in unity with Rome can teach.