Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Favre vs. the Favre-o-Maniacs

There are two 'righty' bloggers that I know of who think that Brett Favre actually was carrying Jesus when He 'walked on water'. I won't name names, but one lives in Franklin and one lives even further south.

Full disclosure: I think Favre is one of the great athletes of the era, certainly one of the 5 best NFL quarterbacks ever to rip turf.

But as to being a mensch?

No longer.

Fox NFL Sunday reporter Jay Glazer was on the Jim Rome radio show today and strongly defended his story from Sunday that former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre briefed Detroit Lions coaches for over an hour on the phone about the Packers' offense prior to their Week 2 game

"The way it happened is that he called Matt Millen, Matt's been trying to get in touch with him to go hunting...Brett said, 'By the way, who are playing this week?-type of thing.' (Favre said) 'Oh, you are? You guys want any tips?' And then Matt hooked him up with the coaching staff and Brett...When Brett talks, he doesn't do anything in snippets. Brett talks...

"I do find it disappointing some of the denials...Peter King gets that text message from Brett saying, 'Total BS.' And I've gone at it a little bit with Peter, let me...This is the same guy (Favre) who when reports originally came out saying he was going to come back, called one of his best friends in Biloxi (Al Jones) and said, 'It's all rumor. It's all rumor.' I will say this, Jim, I stand by my story 1,000%. 1,000%....These are strong accusations (against Favre), damn right you have to be 100%, are you kidding me?...You have to get it straight from the horse's mouth on this, you have to get it from people who know the situation and who've been involved with the situation. That's why I stand so strongly behind my source. My sources I should actually say because it was from more than one person

What a jackass Brett really is.


J. Gravelle said...

If true, Favre's legacy is forever tarnished.

One can predict a teary-eyed Favrean news conference wherein rambling, half-cohesive apologies are put on the table for the consideration of those of us who can't possibly understand the pressures of athletic super-stardom and multi-kajillionairism.

Likewise, I can see two camps forming in anticipation of the unavoidable debate over whether to hang a big number "4" at Lambeau alongside the "15".

On the PRO side: "He said he was SORRY. Plus, he cried (again) and we eat that stuff up."

The retort from the CON side: "Are you freaking kidding me?"

Put me in the latter camp, unless the story is found to be bogus. In THAT event, the only discussion future generations will have about this debacle will be:

"Hey, what ever happened to that Glazer guy, anyway?"


Larry Denninger said...

A fat lot of good anyway, should it be true. Lions still lost by like 253 points!

Anonymous said...

I heard Glazer on WSSP and he was adamant about his story. When asked, he said he had at least three independent sources and will stand by it...as is Fox Sports.