Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gas-Tax WILL Go Up; Ethanol Subsidies Next?

From US DOT:
Travel on all roads and streets changed by -5.6% (-15.0 billion vehicle miles) for August 2008 as compared with August 2007. Travel for the month is estimated to be 253.7 billion vehicle miles
Frankie (da Enforcer) Busalacchi is having kittens right now.
The pressure to increase the Wisconsin gas tax will be enormous. Further, the corn-grower/ethanol people will be screaming for MORE MORE MORE MORE money.
Yes, an Obama regime will increase ethanol subsidies, but you can expect handout-demands to materialize in Wisconsin as well.
Further documentation at Headless showing corn prices in lockstep with petroleum--which only adds to the "need" of ethanol producers who may otherwise go banko. (Boo Hoo.)

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