Sunday, October 26, 2008

NOT Just a "Farm Raid" in Iran

Oh, yah, SOCOM took out a way-station in Iran.

But PowerLine's source says it was a little more than just KO'ing 8 'farmers' who were accomplices for AlQuaeda.

The announced goal was to shut down a family who were facilitating jihadi entry into Iraq. The intel was obviously good . . . so good we did a very risky and un-necessary thing, if the "goal" is as advertised: we endangered American helos and troops by inserting them conspicuously into hostile territory, needlessly endangering both and our prestige (imagine if something had gone wrong and the helos had tangled like in Iran after the Shah's overthrow).

This was not a subtle operation. We could easily have sent exactly the same message -- if a message we were sending -- by using a drone and some smart munitions.

Something else was going on there -- kidnapping, the appearance of kidnapping (to remove a friendly operative), computer theft, setting up sensors, or something else.

Maybe building a McDonald's?

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