Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why the "Gun" Issue is a Loser

Scarfed up from Arms and the Law, who found it on a DU (!!!) combox:

"THIS IS WHAT IS COSTING US ELECTIONS! Saying that "well, most pro-gun people are Rethug anyway" is EXACTLY why we lose elections! Giving the issue to them means that the Thug leadership has a stick to beat their base with. And as HALF of the DU membership owns guns and as 39% of the gun owners in this country are Dems (source: Gallup), we CANNOT afford to give in to the toxic thinking that "well, guns are a Thug issue." Anyone who promotes this view is at best incompetent and at worst a deliberate plant."

Don't you love internecine warfare?

Applying that statistic to Milwaukee would tell us that about 100K+ residents of the City own guns.

The only question: how many of those voting-Democrat-gun-owners in Milwaukee own them legally?

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