Monday, April 14, 2008

Stop the Ethanol Insanity

Having a close connection to a grocery store only makes the point more emphatic. "Tape totals" have gone up for every shopper, no matter what they buy.

One cause: the now-clearly-irrational "Corn-a-Hole" mandate of the U S Congress.

Yes, the President likes 'alternative' fuels. Perhaps his MBA was granted in some discipline other than Common Sense Budgeting. Or maybe 'switchgrass' actually will become useful in the next.....oh....10 days.

Barring that, it's time to rescind the mandate.



M.E. said...

You are so right. This is just insane. I asked a semi-liberal friend recently if she could tell me why this mandate was passed, as it completely mystifies me; she said, "I don't know; maybe they think the benefits will come in the future?" But that's like the manufacturer who says, "I'm losing a penny on every unit sold, but I'll make it up in volume." We are losing with every gallon of ethanol sold.

By the way, I linked to you on this one.

Amy said...

Yep. Riots in Haiti and elsewhere over bloated food prices.

Kind of reminds me of the DDT ban. Makes the eco-nuts feel good, that it kills thousands of African people (mostly children) from insect-borne diseases...they don't seem to care so much.