Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sensenbrenner Gets the Hint!! Congratulations!

We're happy to announce that Jim Sensenbrenner got the hint.

Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. (R-Menomonee Falls) is a cosponsor of HR 5911, the Remove Incentives to Produce Ethanol Act of 2008 (RIPE Act), introduced this week by Representative Jeff Flake of Arizona.

This bill will repeal the legislative provisions responsible for the artificial demand for ethanol by:

Repealing the renewable fuel standard;
Repealing tax credits for ethanol producers;
Repealing tariffs on importing ethanol.

The bill rescinds the asinine, greed-driven "Corn-A-Hole" requirement, AND puts ethanol producers (who remain in business) on an even playing field with OTHER energy producers.

Luther Olsen's brother should call his bank.

I'd like to give Owen credit for this, but I'm sure he'll modestly defer to me. Only 8 hours after that post, the announcement was made.

Damn!! Blogging is GOOD!!


Anonymous said...

What took him so long?

Pete Fanning said...

You guys are awesome!

Jo Egelhoff, said...

Did you see this yet in The Hill? Congress considering repealing ethanol mandate lock stock and barrel.

Amy said...

Oh, man, that would be great.

I drive a '99 Saturn Wagon, decent fuel efficiency (about 250 mi/tank) but last night at the fill up it was nearly $40...


Anonymous said...

Sadly the majority of today's politicians do nothing but redistribute wealth. Problem is they don't understand the laws of supply and demand.

Ethanol may be the best example of politician's incompetance. They extort money from taxpayers to support ethanol produced from corn with an energy ratio of 1.3 to 1. In addition they impose a 50 or 54 cent duty per gallon on sugarcane ethanol from Brazil with an energy ratio of 8 to 1.

If they got the hell out of the way and let the free market work we would be enjoying the benefits of low cost sugar cane ethanol.

The real question is if and when the American voters will wake up and start electing capitalists again instead of wealth redistributionists. Let's hope it happens before over 50% of Americans are on the government dole. We're near that majic number already.