Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Don't Like "Planning"? You're Fired!

Going forward, the Archdiocese means it. "Planning" now means:

Mission, ministry and evangelization so as to grow the faith, a complex and arduous challenge

Preserving and sustaining our Catholic presence throughout the archdiocese by keeping parish communities intact

Active participation of many Catholics in the pastoral life of the Church at archdiocesan, district, cluster and parish levels


Resistance is Futile, or maybe fatal.

Accountability with consequences. The dynamics of planning acknowledge that people can strongly, respectfully disagree with and challenge one another, and this is good. If disagreement and challenge become disruptive, personal or interfere with positive forward movement, it is harmful to those involved and the common good. Although it is hoped that disciplinary action would never be required thanks to the power of persuasion, if anyone persistently disrupts or interferes with the ongoing planning process or related pastoral work, that person will be prohibited from further participation in these efforts.

If the person is a lay church employee, such persistent disruption or interference could be considered grounds for the termination of employment.

If the person is a deacon or a priest, such persistent disruption or interference could result in his removal from his ecclesial office and the loss of faculties.

So....let's take that third injunction which requires "active participation.....parish activities."

Does that mean that if you don't go to the Parish picnic, your ass is FIRED?


Terrence Berres said...

"positive forward movement"

That would be a nice change from decades of negative forward movement.

Phelony Jones said...

"Does that mean that if you don't go to the Parish picnic, your ass is FIRED?"

cite social anxiety.

Anonymous said...

Or, does it mean, "keep your mouths shut and let us do whatever we want'. isn't that what caused the abuse crisis? Don't tell or you are fired!
Mothers, don't let your kids grow up to be servers!!

Dad29 said...

How come the trolls are always anonymous?