Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Doyle Failure-To-Deliver

Ol' Jimbo opened his mouth and lied--again.

The headline-grabbing claim from Gov. Jim Doyle in March 2005 couldn't have been clearer.

At a news conference, Doyle said his administration would save taxpayers up to $200 million over four years through better management of the state bureaucracy under the so-called ACE Initiative.

The state would negotiate new contracts to buy goods and services for less money. It would sell off surplus property. And it would consolidate a number of other functions across state government to find savings.

No problem, right? $50 million/year! Almost as easy as ...ah....stealing from the Transportation fund to pay off WEAC.

Turns out that stealing is a LOT easier.

...three years later, a review shows the goals outlined by the governor have not been met. His administration quietly killed the initiative last year after faulty projections, unexpected problems and bureaucratic resistance hampered the effort.

Oh, well. Time to raise the taxes, I guess.

HT: FoxPolitics

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