Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Fork for the Left

Cognitive dissonance only happens to those who have cognitive abilities.

Our Left is not so endowed.

Here you have the Left's take on the Iranian-made-arms discovery:

There is absolutely no reason to assume that the Bush administration is telling the truth and every reason to believe they're lying. Let Bush produce convincing evidence. So far, he's got bupkis and the media really shouldn't print any Bush nonsense of the Powell-at-the-UN kind without strong disclaimers. Digby, quoted by Pundit Nation.

It's a "Bush Lied" thing, inextricably tied to the "Bush is Stupid" thing.

On the other hand:

Markings, of course, are easy to fake, and the truther fringe of the "Bush lied, people died!" sect are sure to accuse the Administration and/or elements of the military with doing just that. Much harder to fake, however, are the materials used, certain tool marks, and other mechanical and electrical components. Taken together, the component pieces form a unique signature that EOD experts can read like a fingerprint. As far as our military is concerned, the markings only serve to confirm what explosive experts could already tell from even unmarked weapons.

So: either Bush (& Co.) are stupid liars, or they are extremely sophisticated forgers--not only of markings, but of material-compositions, tool-markings, and circuitry-design/origin.

Take your choice.


capper said...


John Foust said...

Let me guess, they have some evidence, but they can't show us because it would reveal their secret methods of reaching their conclusions.

Dad29 said...

Actually, they have displayed pictures of some of the weapons.

And the methods are not "secret," John--or bloggers such as I would not know about them.

If you'd like, I'm sure that someone can arrange a trip to the Sandbox for you, so you can inspect the weapons personally.

Take Capper along. Please.

Grim said...

I've seen plenty of collection photos from our cache finds in Iraq. If the markings are fake, the Bush administration has managed to plant weapons in our area of responsibility, tip Iraqis off to them, so they can tip us off to them, so we can find and photograph them (and then blow them up).

Not that we always find them. I was on the receiving end of more than a few 107mm rockets like the ones in the Confederate Yankee photo. Probably the Bush administration shot them at us, to provide verisimilitude.

Dad29 said...

Probably the Bush administration shot them at us, to provide verisimilitude.

Takes a helluva lotta WORK to make things appear just the way the Left thinks they happen, no?