Friday, April 25, 2008

Pelosi's "Biblical" Quotation

It was tracked down by the editor of Insight Scoop:

Hey, I think it's actually from 2 Hallucinations 6:66

Personally, I think her re-invention of Scripture is fully consistent with her pro-abortion activism. It's said that one's mind is darkened by sin...


Anonymous said...

I'll bet she never cracked open a Bible to read in her entire life. Lefties are always willing to lie to feed their psychoses so this is not news. What has been done in the past is they get grilled by the media and made to eat their words. We all know that ain't happenin'.

This is what we get from an abortion loving excommunicated New Breed pseudo-Catholic, who carries a rosary when the Pope is in town. Another Catholic item I doubt she ever used, but was handy so the media can help her in her deception, her portrayal as a Catholic woman, pious and holy, serving her constituents and her country. The unGraced New Breeders will believe it. They usually have an appetite for the lies of the liberals because they do not drink from the Well of Truth.

Maybe the rosary tactic was the inspiration for Hellery's Madonna bracelet. Makes me sick to think of that evil witch even touching something with the Holy Virgin's image on it.

This is apparently how politicians troll for Christian votes these days.

John Foust said...

In striking contrast to those who use the name of the Lord and actual Bible quotes to troll for votes. They're far more sincere, right? They have to be, right? Riiiight.