Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another Stupid and Costly Law

Asian Badger reports that the Democrats in Congress would mandate "audits" of HSA expenditures.

“Democrats have made affordable health care a mainstay of their election agenda, but apparently only if you’re willing to get insurance through the government. Witness their stealthy assault on Americans who prefer the private-sector option of Health Savings Accounts.

This week, the House passed legislation that included a provision to require every HSA transaction be reviewed and verified as a legitimate medical expense. Democrats say this is to ensure that consumers are using their tax-free withdrawals for a knee replacement, rather than a new iPod. In reality it adds a layer of bureaucracy that could sharply reduce the appeal and cost savings of HSAs.

A key player here is Ways and Means Health Subcommittee Chairman Pete Stark, whose main purpose in politics is to give the U.S. a government-run health-care system.

THAT should "reduce the cost of administration....", right?

Fortney Stark is genetically a candy-ass, being from the Stark Candies family of Wisconsin. He is most certainly an ass of one sort or the other.

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