Saturday, April 26, 2008

How To Tell the Job Pays Well

The next time Your Board of Regents at UW-Madistan tells you that the Chancellor's job is "underpaid," remind them of this:

And 55 people -- most of whose names remain secret -- are vying for the top job at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Unless all 55 are clerical-level twits from the University of Lower Slobbovia's Department of Education, it would seem that the compensation is adequate.


John Foust said...

Using our cognitive abilities, we might reason that there is an adequate supply of candidates, that they found either the position or the compensation attractive, and that state law does not require the release the candidate names until the pool is smaller. When hundreds of people line up for minimum-wage jobs, does that tell you they're paid too much?

Anonymous said...

Where do hundreds of people line up for minimum wage jobs?

Dad29 said...

Dan--asking pertinent (but smart-aleck) questions will not get you any answers.

The WallyWorld/Chicago jobs were NOT "minimum wage," much as John would like us to think they were.

Anonymous said...

DaddyZero is apparently a hypocrite. Why should good old American free market theory -- like market-rate salaries -- not be applicable in public higher education?