Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Are You: 1) Sick or 2) Stupid?

Those are your alternatives, if you are a Conservative.

...That raised a question: How could we account for the fact that some people were not liberal, that some were conservative? Sheer stupidity, of course, was part of the answer. Some people are just so dumb they wouldn't recognize the truth if it came up and shouted at them. But not all conservatives were that dumb. Most knew how to read; many had high school educations; some had even been to college. So how can we account for their conservatism?

The answer was soon found: Conservatives were suffering from a psychopathology...

To help your local fuzzyLiberal, simply purchase a greeting-tag and insert either "sick" or "stupid" in the space.

Place it on your lapel before engaging with a LeftyWonk. It will be most helpful.

HT: ProEcclesia

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