Saturday, April 19, 2008

Something To Do While Waiting to Vote Obama...

That Texas FLDS-cult thing just gets better...

Texas Rangers participated in the arrest of a Colorado woman who allegedly pretended to be a girl locked in a basement. The Rangers were in the state as part of their investigation into the Texas polygamy custody battle, local police told ABC News.

It was unclear if the arrest was related to the phone call from a woman who claimed to be a 16-year-old girl, a phone call that sparked what has become one of the largest child custody cases in U.S. history. (AP story)

...Rozita Swinton, the woman arrested today for falsely tipping off the police that she was an abused child bride at the FLDS polygamy cult in Texas is a PLEDGED BARACK OBAMA STATE DELEGATE!! (Blogger-source.)

One is reminded of the phone call which engendered the Lawrence case.

There's plenty more at the link, including False Flag


Amy said...

So if the call was false, then what's to become of the kids?

Don't get me wrong, I think FLDS is...wrong...on many, many things. But how can a case of abuse which may not have even happened warrant the state taking away 416 children?

Christian Prophet said...

It's sad that Fox News has supported Texas' violation of rights.

I viewed the video exposing the Texas Foster Care system as drug-riddled horror at:

I also read the thousand or so comments from outraged citizens at the petition site:

It seems state bureaucrats have become power mad.

Anonymous said...

I've had 2 comments removed from this blog in the past week. What's going on? This includes one on this subject.

Dad29 said...


I have not removed any comments from my entire blog in the last 3 weeks (unusually well-behaved folks here...)

There are a couple of posts on the topic, however. Are you looking at all of them to find your comments?

I think only the blog-owner, or Google, or the actual poster can take down comments.

Of course, there's always the possibility of the FBI, NSA, CIA, etc., i suppose.

Anonymous said...

Damn that government. I posted it this morning and saw it posted. Also posted on Msg. Malloy. Hardly controversial.