Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ambulance-Chasers' Best Friend

The trial lawyers have a pal--named Nancy Pelosi.

So powerful is the plaintiffs lawyers lobby in Congress that Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is forsaking a bill passed unanimously in the House for a more lawsuit-friendly version of the proposal that was approved with anything but unanimity by the Senate.

In the name of reforming the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the Senate version would create bureaucratic red tape galore, while enabling the sort of class-action jackpot justice that enriches plaintiffs lawyers at the expense of consumers and shareholders

...Usually, each chamber of Congress fights hard for its own version of a bill, especially when a bill passes one chamber unanimously, as did the House version. Instead, Pelosi has delayed appointing members of the “conference committee” that will work out differences between the two chambers’ versions of the bill, while battling (against House Commerce Committee Chairman John Dingell) to stack the committee in the Senate’s favor.

This is the same Pelosi, the recipient of many tens of thousands of dollars in trial lawyer political donations, who earlier this year put an essential foreign intelligence surveillance bill on hold at the behest of the plaintiffs bar

Just co-incidence that the latest "scare story" is out?

What's surprising about the Bisphenal-A story is that it's the same old s&^% with a new name. First, stuff some rats to the gills with a substance---ANY substance. Then watch them develop tumors. Then announce that 'The Children Are At RISK!!!'

Well, sure. But they're also at equal risk from over-stuffing with H20, folks...

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