Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Mother of TWO"?

This is a very sad story. A woman is stopped at a light; it turns green, and her car is run over by a larger car approaching from behind.

She is killed, as is her unborn child. Her other two children are in the back seat along with another child. Two of them are critically injured.

The newspaper refers to the woman as "a mother of two."

Seems to me that she was the mother of three.

And if and when charges are issued, I suspect that they will demonstrate that there was a third child--and second dead victim.


Anonymous said...

She was for certain a mother of three and the news reported that the family is planning funerals for three. It was also reported that the driver who crashed into her didn't even have a valid driver licenses. It had been revoked after being arrested/convicted for driving under the influence for the third time. I sure wish they would name the person.

Dad29 said...

Another news report says the driver who ran over the car is an MD/surgeon whose MD license was revoked b/c he issued scrips for painkillers--for himself.

Dad29 said...

to clarify--the MD's MD license was revoked.