Sunday, April 20, 2008

See!! Gun Control Works!!

One cannot purchase a handgun in Chicago without going through extremely complex hoops.

One cannot carry a concealed weapon in the State of Illinois--they're as Neanderthal as is Wisconsin under DarthDoyle.

So today's brief:

CHICAGO (CBS) ― A violent and deadly weekend continues in Chicago. At least 12 people have been shot, two of them killed, since Saturday morning. This comes after at least 20 people were shot, four of them killed, from Friday night through early Saturday.

Obviously, gun control works well.

HT: WardWide


Anonymous said...

and as expected, radio & tv news here are already parading out folks clamoring for more gun control.

Amy said...

Yes, gun control does work well. For the criminals.

Jeff Miller said...

Chicago is a quagmire, it is time to withdraw.