Friday, April 18, 2008

Pridemore, WRTL, and Bucher (!!)

Man, this stuff is confusing.

Rep. Pridemore says he will NOT propose a "disclosure" bill for 3rd-party entities. Sorta, kinda, maybe not.

Further, he says that Wisconsin Right-to-Life (WRTL) falsely made that claim as part of a smear campaign against him--in order to further the candidacy of Paul Bucher--

--who denies that he's running for Pridemore's seat.

“Wisconsin Right to Life should be ashamed of themselves,” Pridemore said. “I have promised them that I would work hand-in-hand with them on this and other issues. I have stated repeatedly that I will not do anything which would infringe upon any group’s constitutional right to free speech. Instead of treating me with respect and engaging in public discourse on this issue, they have engaged in an untruthful dissemination of misleading and distorted information. For example, I have told Wisconsin Right to Life that I have no intention of going forward with a bill that would require third party advocacy groups to list their donors, yet in today’s press release they insinuate exact that. Furthermore, I have asked them to reserve judgment until there is a first draft of a bill so we can sit down and talk at that point. It should make one very suspicious when a group has chosen to criticize ideas which they have not actually read. I have lost respect for the leadership of Wisconsin Right to Life.”

Well, yah....but...

Look at the sentence following the one highlighted in red. Now we're looking at a "the meaning of is" question, no?

So what's the deal with Bucher?

Wisconsin Right to Life has launched a ridiculous attack against Representative Pridemore. The timing of this attack coincides with increased speculation that Paul Bucher may run for the 99th District Assembly seat this fall. Is this really a coincidence, though? We must remember that this is the same Paul Bucher who was visibly upset when Representative Pridemore chose not to endorse Bill Gleisner’s candidacy for the Court of Appeals

What do I hear from friends?

WRTL threatened Pridemore with a Bucher candidacy if he didn't cave on the "3rd-Party" bill.

IMHO, there are two major errors that WRTL made with this.

1) WRTL crossed a genuine 'friendly' in the Legislature...over a bill which does not yet exist. Not very smart.

2) Bucher is NOT a threat to Pridemore. Not very smart.

What's the matter with WRTL?

HT: FoxPolitics

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Anonymous said...

"If he was going to stay in non public lawyering he would have gone to a large firm and picked a specialty that would make more bucks”

Waaaaay off the mark here. Bucher floated his resume through all the big law firms in Milwaukee when he decided to leave office and no one wanted him. (What cash-paying clients would he attract?) The fact that he ended up practicing with a flim-flam ambulance chaser like Jim Gatzke should tell you something.

Also consider this: For years Bucher was the law-and-order zealot, locking up criminals. Now he earns his filthy lucre defending the scum class.

How do you spell “hypocrite”? This is what you folks hung Louis Butler for doing!