Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where's Feingold? Kohl? Still Corn-A-Holing You?

Now that Cong. Sensenbrenner did the right thing, we expect Senator Feingold to sign on. He was opposed to the silly thing in the first place, after all.

He hasn't yet--so cards and letters are appropriate.

But Nobody's Senator, Herbie Kohl, voted FOR the bill (as did Sensenbrenner) and Herbie, busy with the Milwaukee Bucks' upper-management problems, has not been paying attention. Maybe Herbie eats no corn or soy products.

Call Herbie. Tell him you will NOT be crucified on a Cross of Corn. He'll get the analogy--he's old enough to remember the politician who gave that speech.

Hello!! Herbie!!!

Time to sign on!!!

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