Monday, April 28, 2008

Cardinal of NYC to Rudeee!!!: "You're A Jerk!"

Cardinal Egan, not burdened with another several years' work in his job as Cardinal of NYC, lets Rudeee!!!! have it:

New York Cardinal Edward Egan is lashing out at Rudy Giuliani for taking Holy Communion during Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the city because the former mayor supports abortion rights.

In a statement released to the media, Egan said:

"The Catholic Church clearly teaches that abortion is a grave offense against the will of God. Throughout my years as Archbishop of New York, I have repeated this teaching in sermons, articles, addresses, and interviews without hesitation or compromise of any kind. Thus it was that I had an understanding with Mr. Rudolph Giuliani, when I became Archbishop of New York and he was serving as Mayor of New York, that he was not to receive the Eucharist because of his well-known support of abortion. I deeply regret that Mr. Giuliani received the Eucharist during the Papal visit here in New York, and I will be seeking a meeting with him to insist that he abide by our understanding."

It's not yet known when Egan plans to meet with Giuliani to discuss his apparent misunderstanding.

CBS 2 has attempted to contact Giuliani's office for a response, but calls were not immediately returned.


No word yet from Abp. Wuerl (of Washington DC) regarding Pelosi, Kennedy, and Kerry (et al.)

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I understand about the abortion issue, but how come he is not being denied communion because of his divorce and re-marriage?

Dad29 said...

First things first.

Anonymous said...

Nice to have another truly Catholic archbishop.