Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thought Question

Random10, a bloglodyte-scientific, has a question:

Why would anyone believing humans are capable of creating unnatural shifts in the ambient near surface diurnal temperature range, advocate replacing emissions of the rare atmospheric molecule carbon dioxide and it’s limited radiative absorptive range, with emissions of the single most potent green house gas of all --- water vapor?

Media people, we have a great big University in the middle of our town and I’m sure your offices all have phone books and email. Because water vapor is responsible for 60-70% of the greenhouse gas effect on surface temperature moderation, and if it is bad for human activity to alter in any way the natural temperature moderation of our embedded in freezing cold space planet, then why would any caring person want to move society towards increasing water vapor emissions? The truth is out there media people ---

That's rhetorical, of course. But then, there's money in fuel cells...just like Corn-a-Hole.

And "water" sounds kinda.....innocuous, right?

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