Thursday, November 29, 2007

You Know You've Been in Iraq Too Long When...

A collection of phrases which complete the above is found here.


You say, "It feels cooler today," only to find out that the temperature is 105
The term "Trailer Trash" is a term of endearment
You call your tent (trailer if you're lucky) "home"
You aren't alarmed when every second person you see has a gun . . .or two. . . or three
You can measure distances based on explosion sounds
"Scoring" means you acquired a new weapon!
Your carry-on luggage includes body armour and a helmet
You can recognize 12 different camouflage patterns
The most fashion-forward accessories are shoulder holsters, thumb-drives and cell phones
You are soothed by the sounds of helicopters flying six feet over your trailer

There are more.

HT: Grim

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