Saturday, November 10, 2007

Levitt Files Chapter XI--Historical Name in Homebuilding

It's a Chapter XI reorganization, meaning that the firm may emerge, but...

Levitt Corp (NYSE:LEV - News) home-building unit Levitt & Sons said on Friday that it had filed for bankruptcy protection, reflecting the badly battered Florida market.

...Levitt & Sons is ranked as the 50th-largest U.S. home builder by trade publication BuilderOnline.

Levitt first made its mark in Long Island, New York, where after World War II, Abraham Levitt and his company built huge tracts of affordable homes for returning veterans ready to start families. Levittowns in Long Island and Pennsylvania are named after him

With 60 or so years in biz and what amounts to a 'historical monument' in Long Island, it would be sad to see them disappear entirely.

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