Saturday, November 10, 2007

Party In Government: More Theft in Wisconsin

To refresh your memories:

The "Party In Government" (PIG party) includes Democrats and Republicans who vote for the interests of Large Government--that is, not for the Common Good, nor for the interests of taxpayers.

Not only did the PIG steal $200 million from the MD's of Wisconsin (and, indirectly, sick people who visit those MD's); they are also stealing from municipalities (and, indirectly, taxpayers) by raiding the Recycling Fund.

According to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, the Recycling Fund was established in 1989 specifically to pay for grants to municipal and county recycling programs, help administer those programs and enforce the state's recycling regulations.

Pretty clear language, no?

The fund's revenue comes from a recycling surcharge and a recycling tipping fee charged for each ton of trash dumped in a Wisconsin landfill.

If you put trash or recycling at the curb, YOU are paying for this.

...While the total amount of recycling grants has been frozen at $24.5 million since the 1999-2000 fiscal year, the fund has built up a surplus that has drawn the attention of legislative budget writers.

In the last state budget bill, $33 million was transferred out of the Recycling Fund to the general fund and the Conservation Fund for other uses over a two-year period.

The current biennial budget bill, signed by Doyle last month, makes allocations from the Recycling Fund of $4 million for a soybean crushing facility in Evansville, $22 million for renewable energy grants and loans to be distributed through the Department of Commerce and $4.5 million to pay for shipping to other states PCB-contaminated sediment resulting from a cleanup of the Fox River.

PIG STINK ALERT: Evansville is represented by Brett Davis (R) and J Erpenbach (D).

You'd think that the PIGS had enough with that.

Think again!!

PIG TAX INCREASE ALERT: The budget bill also increased the revenue flowing into the fund by $9 million with an increase from $3 to $4 per ton in the state-imposed tipping fee on garbage placed in landfills in Wisconsin.

Not only do the PIGs steal the money, they then raise the taxes so they can steal MORE money in future budgets.

It's becoming more and more tempting to reach out and slap Legislators when they're lurking near our children, isn't it? They're not the sort one wants around to warp our childrens' minds.

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What did you expect from a PIG but a grunt?